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11-19-2016 12:29:10 AM EST
I'm sorry Steve. I don't know where Ann is practicing!

Steve   Sjy044@yahoo.com
11-03-2016 3:49:58 PM EST
Can I schedule a session with Anne S. please

Heather Rogers   hrogers@carestar.com
12-15-2015 2:27:10 PM EST
Hi, I live in Southern Ohio and I heard about you from a co worker of mine that lives up North. I am wondering if you do sessions by phone? Thank you

Monica   napalomonica@yahoo.com
05-19-2015 1:08:11 AM EST
wanted to see if you still had an opening for the May23 and 24 class IET. I am very interested in attending. You can reach me via my email provided. Thank you! Monica

03-21-2015 1:26:17 PM EST
Hi Ingrid! It was great meeting you too! The Angels are happy too! Come back anytime!

03-21-2015 1:23:18 PM EST
Hi Mariah! Glad you made it to class! A little behind in my correspondence! Sorry!

Ingrid   IGallagher17@gmail.com
03-03-2015 4:07:23 PM EST
Lovey, it was a pleasure to meet you today at the Goddess Elite! I look forward to learning more about I.E.T!

Mariah Brown   Mar11b@yahoo.com
02-03-2015 7:08:23 PM EST
Dear Lovey: I would like to sign up for your Feb. 20th class called "Forgiveness" for $30. Scheduled for 7:00 pm. I can afford this one!

Lovey   Bliss318@aol.com
11-12-2012 12:07:42 AM CST

Welcome to my blog! This could be very interesting indeed! Enjoy!