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I had a session with lovey over the weekend and it was quite an experience.  I have had a really long month and I was in a really bad place in life as far as stress and emotionally.  I was having trouble getting through the day as of late. I worked a shift during the day and I had a fear of falling asleep during the session as I usually have a lot of issues staying awake during meditation when I am really tired.


  This session was so different.  I was very in it. Lovey started at my head and did the angelic massage from head to feet.  I had a huge black blockage in my head that I couldn’t see before this and amazingly as lovey worked on my head the color went from black to amazing colors of blue green and then bright white. I have never felt something like that.  Lovey finished by cutting karmic chords. After we finished I described the black whatever it was to her and she asked “how did you know that? ” it was a truly amazing experience. 


I didn’t feel much Different that night and still had issues with focus and staying positive that night.  The next day after a full night of rest I felt amazing.  In the past few days I have really locked back in my focus,  intuition, and ability of sight. I feel like a new person, but one that I was close to finding in the last few years.  This is the real me and every day I become a little closer to finding me.  My wife is happier because of it. I feel like when you are in that path to becoming the real you and finding a way to be a happy person and someone offers help through white light take them up on it. Thank you Lovey for helping me take another step towards being the happy,  fun me that my wife and kids want in their lives. Lovey is in the store Tuesdays from 1 to 5 and also other days by appointment. Call to schedule a session.


Thank you so much for reading this blog. If you have experienced things like this and would like to share join the conversation by commenting on the box below. Have a great week and always help others any way you can. -Ian

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Anne Skvarenina Reed

 I know some of you may be tired of my ranting and ravings and those who are you have the power to scroll down truly with my blessings.
To those who don’t, OMG, I had to share an amazing experience. Have you ever gone somewhere and just knew that it was the only place you needed to be right then and that you were with the only people that you were meant to be with at that time. The feeling that you were all brought together for a reason and a purpose and knew that higher forces were at work? I have been so very lucky to have had these type of experiences many times in the past year but every time it happens it still takes my breath away.
I am currently enrolled in an Integrated Energy Therapy Workshop with my instructor, Lovey Adamczyk of at Goddess Elite in North Olmsted. Lovey is such an amazing, beautiful woman who I had the pleasure of meeting before when she did an Angel Healing on me back in July (the day before my last court date). I remember that day as if it was yesterday because I had gone to Goddess Elite on a whim in hopes of finding something to give me strength to get through court the next morning. I found Lovey. 
The song, “Everything Is Going to Be Alright” started to play just as I turned on to Lorain Road and I busted into tears. After my session with Lovey, I felt so much lighter and when she cut the chords to things that no longer benefited me; I felt an amazing sense of relief. I know I was brought to that store, at that time of day, for that reason. (I also found a vogul crystal that day that fell into pieces exactly one week later, but that is another story). 
This past week I received an email regarding the IET course and I felt as if it had been written directly to me. I was literally being beaten over the head until I responded saying that I was interested. After last night’s session, it all made sense. I was brought together with five woman, all around the same age (over 50), all on a similar journey, all with amazingly similar stories, all needing to release and be healed and all brought to one location to help to heal each other. We were all brought together because we know that there is a greater plan for us and that we need to release the old to make way for the influx of new. As the stories unfolded, we knew we were all there for a reason. We are all wounded healers. 
The past two nights, group has ended with tears of emotional release, with hugs of friendship, kindness and understanding, and an amazedly high energy vibration that would leave others speechless if they could only feel it for a second. It has been an exhausting two nights (8 hours) but we all know that deep in hearts there is nowhere else that any one of us should be but together. Two more nights and eagerly anticipating what tonight will bring. Love, Light and PeaceLovey Adamczyk Thank you very much Anne! I think I'm still vibrating from last nights session! It was amazing! I do agree that the exact right group of wonderful people came together for it! There will be laughs and hugs tonight. All the hard work is done! Namaste!
Anne Skvarenina Reed Lovey, using the Connection of the Heartstring to the Angels brought my self Reike this mornng to a whole different level. Angels are working on the releasing of things as well as are not wasting time.